Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Bush Administration, their Treasury,Congress, and the root of the problem, 'THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK' have played in the 'WALL STREET' until they got run over by a bus. And now that they have managed to hang themselves, they have hurriedly come up with a plan to save us. Well I don't think 'WE THE PEOPLE' {TAXPAYERS} would be saved at all,nor do I believe this 'bailout bullshit', is bailing out the hard working American families that rightly should be the object of their focus.I say to hell with the greedy entities that got themselves into this unfathomable economic quagmire. Let them work their way back out of it the same way the American people will have to do it. They should double the $700 billion dollars to one and one half trillion dollars and divide it between every man, woman, and child who are citizens of this country, combined with a moratorium for sixty days on all foreclosures and repossessions. That would be so easy and so quick to boost our economy that congress could then spend their time and energy enacting intelligent legislation which would undo the unfair interest laws,contract violations,credit card scams,and a dozen other devices which are counter productive to the American families.Do the math.this would immediately put twenty thousand dollars in the hands of a family of four.And by the way it is our money to begin with.Now that would be a smart loan that would be a true stimulus package. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA.

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