Wednesday, October 1, 2008


WORLD WAR III. started just like the other two world wars started .No one can pin point a definite event or time for them either. They began as a series of events involving economic and political factors of indeterminate descriptions. Then, just as now, events are occurring, as they are shaped by the ever present struggle and competition for the resources of the world and the political mechanisms which control their distribution.The quality of life of any population is determined by how much force it is willing to expend on it's neighbors and how resourceful they are with the resources they possess. Oil is the dominate resource in demand for the moment. Who ever obtains the most oil will be the dominate power. So this is why the UNITED STATES has projected it's political sphere of influence via. our military into the countries where this resource is known to be.Spreading democracy is just a cover story for a continuation of occupation of these countries.It is the reason why RUSSIA has just recently laid claim to the ARCTIC seabed for it's vast quantities of oil and natural gas reserves,and is sure to be a point of contention in the future.Fortunes are made in private sector industry as they work hand in hand with governments to secure the resources in demand.Collateral death and vast destruction are the unavoidable consequences of this competition which will never end. So you see WORLD WAR III. is really a continuation of all the other wars throughout history.and only at times of massive confrontations that get beyond compromise are they defined by a title and historical demarcation lines. Because of peak oil and other political considerations IRAN will be bombed by ISRAEL,or the UNITED STATES or both working together within the months ahead. It is my opinion this will occur before the presidential inauguration if BARRACK OBAMA wins but may be held off if McCAIN wins.I believe this event will mark the beginning of the last WORLD WAR in mans history.How and if it is chronicaled will depend on the few dazed survivors and the tools and knowledge that will be left to them. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA.

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