Friday, February 13, 2009


One must first except the definition of "conspiracy" as inferred by H.G. Wells, described as follows;"The open conspiracy of all the sane men in the world against the things that break us up into wars and futilities." And to except or entertain the conspiracy of all Heavenly and Earthly things.
What has become quite clear to me is the "Confederate" nature of our Federal Government in conjunction with other World leaders and the most dominate influential wealth holders have combined, and embarked, many years ago, on a mutually perceived set of ideas and goals to solve all the bad things that inflict mankind.
Well great! Who could have a problem with a plan like that? Well, at this particular time that would be everyone of us who are "only" private citizens of "OUR" Country and the "ONE'S" who have shouldered most of the cost of this intrigue. We were not given the courtesy of having this grand and noble plot explained to us or were we honestly consulted. Thus the Confederalism or "being willing to commit unlawful acts or unlawful means to do an act that is lawful."
Our "Founding Fathers" well understood the Machiavellian nature that will inevitably infect governments and it's leaders without the unflinching involvement of the people it seeks to serve..This is why it is stressed to the point of redundancy, the importance of an ever diligent, well educated electorate to always remain engaged and to attack any and all infringements on our rights and privileges."Liberty once lost is lost forever"
Our Constitution while being far from perfect, is the result of some good men's very best attempt, to establish a fair system of government, that would allow men to be what he was born to be, free and independent.
This after just breaking away from a tyrannical king, and those in his favor, who had come to think of it's subjects as little more than slaves to produce and maintain his Royalty. Is it surprising then that "Patrick Henry" is still revered by free men everywhere for saying to King George of England at the time of the American Revolution,"I know not what path others may choose but as for me Give me Liberty or give me Death"
Our Government has failed us, and now turns to us, and generations of us not yet born, to bail it out and assist it in regaining it's equilibrium, while at the same time allowing hundreds of the miscreants that are at fault in causing this economic collapse to openly loot this assistance to further enrich themselves, not even offering up the truth or even holding honest discussions on this failed "Conspiracy"

Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

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