Friday, April 23, 2010

We, The People Can Fix Our Country.

The federal government did not come into existence in order to right every wrong. The feds are obliged to recognize our natural rights. When the government behaves with no self-recognized limitations, when its only restraint is whatever it can get away with, when it actively attacks rather than forcefully protects our natural rights, then, as Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, and as federal law still states, “it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.”  Glenn Nunley.   North Florida.


   "Sarah Palin has been an exercise in Pygmalionism gone wrong. The most famous female politician in the world today is a vain and sanctimonious woman of boundless ambition and no vision." She is a dangerous work in progress. This begs the question, "who are her sculptors and mentors?"
     Given the right political circumstances coupled with the acute economic conditions that are being experienced in the country Sarah Palin has opportunistically amassed a sufficient following of the "herd mentality"to catapult her into power. All that would be needed is a cataclysmic event whether real or contrived to stampede her conformist inherited electorate to run this country off a cliff. She has and continues to gain a position of undefined prominence simply by parading around the country, wrapping herself in the flag and parroting the customary patriotic/religious party lines and pretending to represent freedom.
     If the sain and educated free thinking people of this country fail to recognize this clear and present danger to our country, there is the real possibility that we will once again witness political history repeat itself in tyrannical proportions not yet imagined by the people of the present time.   Glenn Nunley  North Florida.

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