Saturday, December 6, 2008


When you make a deal with the devil you wake up in hell. And make a deal they did. Kick backs and lobby money has been running through the halls of congress and the avenues of Pennsylvania avenue like the muddy water from the Johnstown diluge. And most of the Democratic and Republican ingrates who will remain, as well as the soon to be newly elected congressional re-runs, will triumphantly burrow up with their rotten malefactors for their unholy alliances. But there is definitely a great change in the air and the American people are energized more than anytime in our recent history. But is it enough yet? Now is the time for the people in each of the fifty states to demand that our collective voices be heard! Enough of this blatant robbery! Enough of this treating the American people like we don't deserve to have choices where our lives and the lives of our children are concerned! Enough of the stacked deck in Washington DC where the elected officials who were sent there by the people, to conduct the honest business of the people, act like paid whores at the beck and call of the highest bidder. Somewhere along the way our Federal government was bought out. Not unlike, too many, of our State Governments. We simply cannot continue to stand idly by and pray that God's will be done. I think any God worth the title would consider our generation to be a bunch of pathetic failures! And that is just what we have collectively come to be! A bunch of idiots who are willing to swallow any bullshit this elitist controlled Government and it's controlled media decides to feed us. But what is worse is when so many thousands and maybe at this point even millions of the American people can see right through most of it and are cowered into submission, even to the point of starvation and death at the hands of these well bred, well educated, and well bought and paid for assholes. You can't die but once! The death toll is, and has always been one per person! Would you die on your knees whining, and begging a bunch of people who we put in their positions to represent Us! People we elected to simply pass fair and equitable laws. To guide our government in the directions which are amenable to the safety, and welfare of all the people of this once great country, not just the people who happen to find themselves in a privileged group. Should we have to feel this way? That we have no power at all, when they so blatantly cram the kind of crap down our throats as they do, and all the while allow us to watch them while they do it on C-SPAN!! OK then, if thats the path we will continue down, then get used to that yukky brown mushy taste because these people that are so much wiser than the rest of us will never stop pushing it down our throats and, HEY! It aint cake. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA

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