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Petition for Florida Sovereignty

Petition for Florida Sovereignty


A Little Tweaking On My Part Is Called For To Define Me.
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I can't say I have had a good view of any president myself.( my wife is the Dem ) but I hold respect for the office. Regardless of what party holds it.
Posted by lector

Lector, I state once again for the record and to clarify that I am opposed to the over reaching and repressive power of the Central Government and the entire Federal Reserve System/bank that controls it. OBAMA has only slightly distracted me from my continued efforts and avowed purpose of dethroning and limiting that power and returning it to the States where it belongs. So far Obama has not let me down although his actions and directions are tenuous at best. I believe he has Our Country's best interest at heart and is forced to act unnaturally in many instances due to the mess he has inherited. He got my vote and my support largely due to the complete absurdity of the alternative. My distrust of Washington and the trash that run it has not declined and no matter what, Obama will not endure beyond two terms. We know not what vermin is set to rule this Kingdom afterwards. I am willing to accept a degree of Socialistic policy in order to improve health care and living standards among this Countries disenfranchised and disadvantaged. This can happen while allowing a Democratically elected majority of educated people to participate in these decisions. Individual liberty should be enhanced and not infringed in this effort. There are finer points that are different in everybody's interpretation of our Constitution. We as Citizens should read this document as earnestly as a Christian reads his Bible. If all else fails and Secession has to occur It had better be with all or most of our 50 States. TP.
" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.

My brain is the key that sets my mind free.




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Digg - Why Smoking a Joint in the Park Is Completely Acceptable

Digg - Why Smoking a Joint in the Park Is Completely Acceptable: "'The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.'
-Carl Sagan"

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Does Glenn Beck Finally Get It? He Sounds Like He Does.

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This is not about Democrat Vs. Republican. This is about saving our Country.

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Lector's Lectures On The Squall Live Forum

One man standing up and fighting back against tyranny is often the needed catalyst to effect change. TP.
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HEY SKINS and others who say the Dems. are the big spenders :-) Just read the facts on the following web site Posted by lector

Thank you for this link. After checking out it's accuracy and finding it to be appallingly true and accurate I will as quickly as possible be putting this graph up on a prominent State Road Bill Board for all to contemplate leading up to the 2010 Congressional and the 2012 Congressional and Presidential elections. You are always accomplishing more than you know when engaging the various people on this very important public forum where even the moderator is one of our neighbors who wields the important power of the pen. TP.

Lector; As the latest election has proven, there is across this Country a slight majority of enlightened American voters that have had enough of the theft and degradation to our Country wrought by the past Republican Party's solely to benefit the 10% wealthiest elite at the expense of the 90% of the hard working middle class. Unfortunately 80% of the voters of North Florida are not part of this awakening, so it is incumbent on the rest of us to do our best to educate them. They must come to realize that they are not in the 10% club nor are they or their children ever likely to be. I am not a Nationalist or a member of either of the two dominant party's, but until we can throw off the yoke of the repressive and over reaching power of the Central Government, returning that power to to the States, I will work towards the continued success and re-election of this President and hope the people are wise enough to oust the thieves of both party's who now soil our Federal and State Houses of Congress.

People like yourself are so very important to this effort and few are able or willing to stand up to the uninformed and informed bigotry of too many of our neighbors. I have said many times, the failure of Government is a failure of education. And this condition is either contrived by the Central Government or is a result of their failure. Either way we need them out of our schools to allow local and State control and management. Civics classes and true versions of American History must be reintroduced in order to have informed Citizens. Thank you again for your Civic Service to our Country. PatrioticPatriot.Lector; I intend to publish this thread on my blog at

This is a must read to understand the conundrum we are involved in !!!

CLICK THIS LINK. THEN HOLD ON TO YOUR CHAIR!!! It just got another new home lector. I will tag and bag it and send it off into the blogosphere. TP.
" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.

Buccaroo Battling The Baffled On The Forum

Re: Talking Turkey Squall
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Robert, You know, you like most Washington Republicans can only lash out with criticism over everything being done to save the country from total disaster. Everyone from the right is pissing and moaning, pointing fingers, paying for media coverage, and running their mouths. Yet, there are ZERO ideas coming from the right, including you. Wassup with that?

If the Republicans have better ideas then let the President hear them, rather than just playing politics as usual. The Republican party has no leaders, no direction, no sense, and no clue! The country needs your help and not your ridicule. If the Republican Party is (like you all say) the true patriotic party then you all need to jump in and help out. Everything the party is doing is destructive to the nation and themselves. It's time to stop shouting and crying about everything being done! It's time for action, and the Republicans need to get off the grandstand podiums and help out! Are we not all Americans? Posted by buckaroo.

Hello Comrade!! Just kidding. Thank you for your continued efforts on this forum buccaroo. You consistently post truths with a clarity I can only envy. TP.

" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.
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Ann Coulter sells her soul to the devil and her ass to the media, all for more book sales. She is a consumate liar and traitor to America.

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Manufacturer Recalls Hollow Point Bullets That Fail To Explode Inside Targets


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Is this why you support Obama? Do you think he is pushing us towards this confrontation and you want it sooner rather than later?
Posted by blackwalk

No. The rational decision I made to vote for President Obama Does not lesson my disdain for the dangers of an all powerful Central Government. President Obama may be our last best hope of avoiding such a confrontation. Although many of his policies are being dictated by circumstances not of his making and therefore alienating a sizable number of our citizens.

The choke hold of the FRS/CENTRALGOV. has been growing like a cancer for years and has metastasized once again. This is serious and the treatments being applied are less than ideal and seem to be killing the patient. But no matter, Obama will pass and be replaced. The overbearing powers of the Central Authority will either be reversed by the combined actions of the people who reside in the 50 States and the territories or the Independence that was once enjoyed by the States will disappear for ever.

( Just finished reading a good portion of the history of the American Revolution by " Julian Hawthorne" in "History Of The United States" Vol. 2. Not many of us possess a true understanding of the years of very vicious battles and sacrifice our forefathers endured to give us such a precious gift as freedom and Independence. Battles and death so atrocious as to exceed all the other wars we have endured since.

We, The People have once again accepted the yoke of tyranny from exactly the place our founders so fervently tried to resist and prevent with our Constitution, which by the way is complete with the path to be taken in the event this should occur. An all powerful and over reaching Central Power is the reality today. The outcome of our condition once again hangs in the balance as we all look towards Washington for our daily direction.

This should not be. The people should be looking to themselves and the locally elected officials Of the separate states. The failures of the few should be assisted by the strength of the many rather than chancing a cataclysmic collapse of all, such as we seem to be witnessing.

A pride and independent heart still beats within thousands of our citizens who have been adequately educated to understand my meanings here, but is there enough, that also possess the courage and are willing to endure the sacrifice that would be called for at this juncture of our history? This is the question by which the answer will determine the fate of America. Glenn Nunley. North Florida. RamblingTerraPatriot. (Sorry) My time is up. Adios Amigos.
" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry

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For weeks, the news media have been buzzing about earmarks in the recently signed omnibus spending bill. We've been told over and over that the bill is "loaded," "filled," and "stuffed" with earmarks. Since earmarks made up less than 2 percent of the bill's total spending, this is a little like saying Alaska is "filled" with people.
But John McCain doesn't like earmarks, so that's where the media have focused their attention. (OK, there's more to it than that, but not much.) Unfortunately, they've done so in the most juvenile way possible. Following McCain's lead, the media's assessment of the earmarks consists of nothing more than sarcastically listing them, as though they are self-evidently a waste of money. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently described the approach McCain and the Republicans have adopted:
The intellectual incoherence is stunning. Basically, the political philosophy of the GOP right now seems to consist of snickering at stuff that they think sounds funny. The party of ideas has become the party of Beavis and Butthead.
And the media have gone right along with it, producing news reports about the spending bill that are no more substantive than an adolescent chortle: Heh, heh, he said "pig waste." Heh.
Consider, for example, the honeybee. If you have watched television news or picked up a newspaper in the past several weeks, you've probably heard about federal funding for honeybees.
The assault on the honeybee began with the stimulus package, when CNN and other news organizations dutifully repeated GOP attacks on the inclusion of $150 million for "honeybee insurance." Columnist Charles Krauthammer went so far as to call the bill an "abomination" for including the honeybee insurance.
Now, there are a few things you need to know about the honeybee insurance. First, there was no such funding, according to Los Angeles Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik. Second, if the funding did exist, it would have amounted to somewhere around two one-hundredths of 1 percent of the stimulus package. Third, if the funding existed, it might well have been a wise use of money. We'll come back to that part.
Having had some success ridiculing bee-related spending in the stimulus, Republicans went back to the well during debate over the omnibus spending bill, attacking the inclusion of $1.7 million in funding for honeybee research. And the news media were quick to join in, eagerly repeating the attacks -- and, in many cases, adopting them as their own.
This time, the funding the media ridicules does exist. Progress! Still, there are a couple of important points that the national media left out.
First, the honeybee funding amounted to 0.00041 percent of the bill, or one-half of one penny per American. All earmarks combined represented less than 2 percent of the bill -- crucial facts that were almost never mentioned by the media. Los Angeles Times reporter (and former Laura Bush press secretary) Andrew Malcolm actually defended the media's disproportionate focus on a tiny fraction of spending: "Defenders defensively point out that's 'only' 1 or 2 percent of the total bill. So? To 99.89% of Americans, $7.7 billion is a manure-load of money."
But that's one of the key purposes of government: paying for things collectively that 99.89 percent of us couldn't afford to pay for individually. Not to mention the fact that in focusing on the 1 or 2 percent of the bill that constitutes a "manure-load of money," Malcolm and his ilk are ignoring the 98 or 99 percent of the bill that constitutes 49 or 99 manure-loads of money. See, when people point out that earmarks make up only 1 or 2 percent of the bill, they aren't saying earmarks don't matter, they're saying earmarks don't matter as much as things that make up a significantly larger part of the bill. Malcolm thinks he's serving as vigilant defender of the public purse; in fact, he's distracting attention from things that really cost money. He fails even on his own questionable terms.
Back to the honeybees, and to the other point that has been absent from media coverage of earmarks: Honeybees are pretty important. See, humans need food. Without it, we die. And bees not only produce honey, they pollinate all kinds of crops -- onions, cashews, celery, strawberries, beets, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, apples ... you get the picture. Honeybees play an important role in our food supply, and our economy. And honeybees have been disappearing at an alarming rate in recent years, for reasons that are not fully known.
Here's how the state of Pennsylvania described the problem last May:
Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff today said the commonwealth will increase funding to continue research on the potentially devastating "Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder."
"Honey bees are critical to Pennsylvania agriculture and to our state's economy," said Wolff. "Pollination from the honey bees determines fruit set and increases fruit quality at an estimated value of $80 million. We can't afford to be lax in dealing with this problem."
According to a study by two Cornell University professors, honeybee pollination accounted for $14.6 billion worth of crops annually between 1996 and 1998.
Honeybee research doesn't sound so funny now, does it?
Now, you can't expect most Americans to know this. Most Americans don't give much thought to bees beyond hoping they don't get stung by one. And that's fine: The life cycle and migratory patterns of bees, and their resultant effects on avocado and cucumber growth, are fairly obscure subjects. We can't, and shouldn't, expect the typical American to know about or act upon these things. After all, there are a lot of obscure but important things that, as a nation, we need to know about and act upon. We can't know about and act upon them all individually; it's literally impossible.
That's another of the reasons we have a government: to know about and act upon the things we cannot know about and act upon individually. It's one of the reasons we watch television and read newspapers, too: They have the resources that we lack to learn about important but obscure things, and the ability to educate us. (This is where some defenders -- and critics -- of the news media will remind me that the media's job isn't to educate the public, much as I might wish it was; their job is to make money. To that I say: How's that working out? Maybe it's time to try a more serious approach.)
Instead, they treat it all like one big joke. Why? Because John McCain told them to -- and the national news media have long served as Ed McMahon to McCain's Johnny Carson. McCain posted a few uninformed wisecracks about earmarks on his Twitter account, and the nation's political reporters unquestioningly repeated his cheap shots verbatim, as though their role in life is to simply bellow "HA! You are correct, sir!" whenever Johnny makes a joke.
The Washington Post's Dana Milbank, for example, claimed, "It was hard to fault McCain on the merits as he described contents of the $410 billion spending bill," pointing to the honeybee funding as an example. But how would Milbank know? Neither he nor McCain bothered to actually assess the merits. Simply listing "$1.7 million for a honeybee factory in Weslaco, Tex." is not considering the merits. It's pretty much the opposite of considering the merits. But it is as close as Milbank would come.
Milbank went on to quote McCain: " 'What does that mean?' McCain demanded. 'What does "sustainable Las Vegas" mean?' " That's where a serious journalist would have pointed out that it's John McCain's job to know what "sustainable Las Vegas" means, that he has an entire staff to help him find out, and that a few seconds of online research quickly yields an answer: the funding is for an initiative at UNLV that involves "research on water, energy, health care and transportation challenges facing the city and the region, including Arizona and California" and is modeled on a program based in McCain's own state.
A serious journalist might even have pointed out that John McCain pays his Senate staff more than the amount of the earmark in question. Might even have asked which is the bigger waste of taxpayer money -- a program designed to help a rapidly growing region meet its energy, health-care, and transportation needs, or a senator who spends more money paying his staff, but doesn't ask them to find out the purpose of the program he is criticizing?
Dana Milbank did none of those things.
Then there's CNN. The cable channel has cited the honeybee funding several times, never bothering to explain it. Last Saturday, for example, CNN's Josh Levs offered examples of earmarks in the bill -- John McCain's examples, of course: "Take a look. John McCain named some. We're going to show you some examples, $1.7 million for a honeybee factory in Texas, another $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa. There's a million dollars in there for cricket control in Utah."
Then four days later, Levs was back on the air -- and again talking about honeybees and crickets. Asked directly about the cricket control, Levs answered, "Maybe people there have problems with crickets."
Poor Levs, four days after his first report, he was still talking about those crickets -- and still didn't have a clue. I know the nation's newsrooms are facing cutbacks, but they still have Google at CNN, don't they? Type Utah cricket control into the online search engine and the second result is a U.S. Geological Survey report that begins, "Grasshopper and Mormon cricket (Orthoptera) populations periodically build to extremely high numbers and can cause significant economic damage in rangelands and agricultural fields of the Great Plains and Intermountain West."
If you doubt that the news media have been playing Butt-head to the GOP's Beavis, just watch this video of MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell interviewing Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat. Here's O'Donnell describing the stimulus bill:
O'DONNELL: It is filled with pork. ... Six-point-six million dollars for termite research. Two-point-two million dollars for the center for grape genetics. One-point-eight million dollars for pig-odor research in Iowa? I mean, come on, Governor. I know you're not in Congress, but this has got to make governors like you mad. You think the people in your state want to pay for $108 million [sic] in taxpayer money going to pig-odor research?
You really have to watch the video to hear how O'Donnell's voice is just dripping with scorn. She doesn't spend so much as a second assessing, or asking about, the merits of the programs. Instead, she just dramatically emphasizes the words "pig-odor research." Heh. Heh. Federal funding to study pig crap! Heh. Heh.
Then Doyle explained that pig odor is actually a pretty big problem for Midwestern agricultural states like his, at which point O'Donnell pretended that her objection all along had been the way the funding came to be -- via earmark -- rather than what it was for. Bull. If her objection had been with the funding mechanism, there would have been no reason to mention what the funding was for, certainly no reason to do so sarcastically. She wasn't commenting on the mechanism, she was behaving like a 12-year-old -- and not a particularly mature 12-year-old, either.
Now, I don't know if the honeybee funding or the cricket funding or the pig-odor research or any of the other earmarks are good ways to spend federal funds. Maybe they're well-run, effective programs that meet an important need, and maybe they aren't. What I do know is that simply cracking jokes about crickets and bees and pig waste rather than taking even 20 seconds to determine what the funding is intended to do is a spectacularly bad way to find out.
America faces great challenges. We are unlikely to meet those challenges through deliberate stupidity. From MediaMatters.

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Marketing deception to the intellectually starved "Riechwing masses" is very profitable. But it gets in the way of intelligent national debate.

Limbaugh takes complex issues, simplifies them, and sells his position with rhetoric. He, like many radio personalities, constantly employs logical fallacies– It is not too difficult to choose a topic whereby he can then simplify another’s argument and then easily “prove” it’s wrong.

There are two problems:
One, there’s a market for it. Many people on the left and the right want to hear this kind of stuff. They tune into their favorite station or pick up the latest book filled with nonsense written by political opportunists such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or Michelle Malkin to name a few. People want to reinforce their own distorted beliefs. They have a need to believe they are the guardians of American values which these media prostitutes are happy to define for them.

Two, most people are not intellectual enough to think for themselves. They allow people like Limbaugh to think for them. Limbaugh makes the issues he talks about digestible for them. It’s the same thing with political adds. They distort the facts slightly and simplify them to make their argument digestible to stupid people. The fact is, most people are not intellectual enough to understand complex issues.
I think the problem is with the masses, not necessarily Limbaugh. Glenn Nunley. North Florida.


While Americans of goodwill and conscience strive to save our American way of life the ranks of the Limbaugh Loonies tune in to this Kool-aid peddler on a daily basis.

The sleeveless thing again? good grief, move on. I'm offended having to look at his fat jowls, cover those things up. Disgusting, and isn't it time to get those ear implants switched out, the ones he needed because he made himself deaf taking too much oxycontin?
But to the subject, is our boy actually contending that this guy has a cell phone because of Obama's policies? when did that program start?

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THE next Republican nominee for President will be RUSH LIMBAUGH....AND I never thought I would say it , maybe thats not a bad thing from what we have to choose from
Posted by usanow

TerrorPatriot's response:
I sure do wish you were right but the intelligentsia at the top of your gang are much smarter than that. They fully realize that this tub of lard has only one use. To sway the minds of the ignorant masses and divide the electorate enough for them to hopefully move back into the position of robbing the piss out of the middle and working class. Wake up out of your blind allegiance so this country can regain it's rightful place on the world stage. Haven't you seen enough bloodshed? TP. By the way you are being published today at Hope you don't mind.

" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.


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You are absolutely right -- time will tell. So why are so many conservatives/republicans/squallers condemning his policies before they even have a chance to work? Posted by capricorn

What we see already is sucking big time, it gets worse everyday, and there are dems who are starting to buck him as well, being uncomfortable with some of his policies, and the direction he is going, one example is Iran, they don't have confidence that he understands that Iran is the danger that they are, among others, and btw, wall street hates bhos' guts apparently, they have zero confidence in his policies so far, and it shows
Posted by baysideinpc

TerraPatriot Replying:
It is the Zionist interest who fear Iran for their unholy behavior as they should. I do not perceive Iran as a threat to the United States unless we continue to assist this evil entity [Zionist Regime] which I perceive as being CHANGED by this administration and rightly so. It is for the Jewish people to rein in their government and their greed lest they be vanquished by the ones whom they seek to oppress.
Barack and company are also dismantling the "Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System too, a piece at the time and again rightly so.
Many of the southern slaves hated the Yankee's even as they fought and died to free them. They only knew what their masters told them. It probably won't make you feel any better but you are witnessing your liberation even though you are being misled by those who either don't understand it or have profited by the present conditions. It is to get much worse for most of us economically in the coming years but if Obama can escape assassination as has been the fate of many of our past Presidents who attempted to expose the FRB, we will have strengthened our country for future generations of Americans. You should be happy at least for the long term. No one has the power to prevent the hardship most of us will endure for the coming few years, no one. But if we can rid ourselves of the "Money Masters" we would at least be going in the right direction. I believe you said you were a Baptist and a Christian. Does not God's word tell you to come out of Babylon and it's system? To look to God for all your needs? And to be assured that these would be met. Are not the things of Babylon, of the world but fleeting? I am wrestling with these concepts in my life still but then I do not openly claim to believe one way and act in another. I am not attacking you or anyone else. I am only expressing an alternative perception. TerraPatriot.

As for the wall street markets:
Every little piglet the world over squeals when suddenly being weaned from it's teat. The greed that infected wall street and main street has pretty much destroyed those appendages for many little piglets for the foreseeable future. Men of industry will now begin to invest in production rather than speculation in this country and the rest of the world. You know, earning their bread by the sweat of their brow. TP.

" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.

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I know that some are skeptical about the size and scale of this recovery plan. I understand that skepticism, which is why this recovery plan will include unprecedented measures that will allow the American people to hold my Administration accountable. Instead of just throwing money at our problems, we'll try something new in Washington - we'll invest in what works. Instead of politicians doling out money behind a veil of secrecy, decisions about where we invest will be made public, and informed by independent experts whenever possible.
And we will launch a sweeping effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government, and every American will be able to see how and where we spend taxpayer dollars by going to a new website called Because I firmly believe with Justice Brandeis that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and I know that restoring transparency is not only the surest way to achieve results, but also to earn back that trust in government without which we cannot deliver the changes the American people sent us here to make. Barak Obama

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What "WE THE PEOPLE" are witnessing once again, just as it happens in all business cycles, is another bountiful harvest from the most successful Plantation to ever evolve on the planet.

That harvest includes much of the money in all our pockets, savings, investments, and home equity. Yes it never belonged to us in the first place. We are only allowed to live and work here as long as we work hard and cause no trouble on the row.

Our "Massa's must be so very proud of a "Golden Goose" such as America and the well disciplined slaves who maintain it. These slaves, these American workers, quaintly call themselves Democrats and Republicans for the moment. Dey is jus lik chilluns arguin alla time. Glenn Nunley. aka TerraPatriot.

" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.





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We were never free and independent in 1776 as we have all been led to believe. Our lofty assertions espoused in our Preamble to our Declaration Of Independence must have provided amusing parlor chat for the stake holders of the American colonies. The stakeholders being the Money Masters and International Banker's and descendants who had perfected their system of economic control hundreds of years before The United States was even born. Way back then they would have been having a good chuckle at how well the economic chains were already working as their agents in our midst maneuvered the rules and laws which prevented or abolished any legislation and all monetary policy which would not be favorable to their continued economic choke hold, that they maintain to this day.

What "WE THE PEOPLE" are witnessing once again, just as it happens in all business cycles, is another bountiful harvest from the most successful Plantation to ever evolve on the planet. That harvest includes much of the money in all our pockets, savings, investments, and home equity. Yes it never belonged to us in the first place. We are only allowed to live and work here as long as we work hard and cause no trouble on the row. Our "Massa's must be so very proud of a "Golden Goose" such as America and the well disciplined slaves who maintain it. These slaves, these American workers quaintly call themselves Democrats and Republicans for the moment. The American worker is no more capable of understanding this now than was "Old Uncle Tom" back a hundred and fifty years ago. That is not to say that all Americans are this ignorant of their plight, far from it. One has only to use their imagination to see around them the few, who by obeying the massa's orders are allowed to receive a better cut of the pork occasionally.
If you accept what I have written as having any merit at all. I would just encourage all of you to be very careful of allowing the trouble makers, of which I admit to being, causing you to endure the whip or noose of corrective compliance which will swiftly visit all who dare to disturb the peace on this plantation. Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

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