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You are absolutely right -- time will tell. So why are so many conservatives/republicans/squallers condemning his policies before they even have a chance to work? Posted by capricorn

What we see already is sucking big time, it gets worse everyday, and there are dems who are starting to buck him as well, being uncomfortable with some of his policies, and the direction he is going, one example is Iran, they don't have confidence that he understands that Iran is the danger that they are, among others, and btw, wall street hates bhos' guts apparently, they have zero confidence in his policies so far, and it shows
Posted by baysideinpc

TerraPatriot Replying:
It is the Zionist interest who fear Iran for their unholy behavior as they should. I do not perceive Iran as a threat to the United States unless we continue to assist this evil entity [Zionist Regime] which I perceive as being CHANGED by this administration and rightly so. It is for the Jewish people to rein in their government and their greed lest they be vanquished by the ones whom they seek to oppress.
Barack and company are also dismantling the "Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System too, a piece at the time and again rightly so.
Many of the southern slaves hated the Yankee's even as they fought and died to free them. They only knew what their masters told them. It probably won't make you feel any better but you are witnessing your liberation even though you are being misled by those who either don't understand it or have profited by the present conditions. It is to get much worse for most of us economically in the coming years but if Obama can escape assassination as has been the fate of many of our past Presidents who attempted to expose the FRB, we will have strengthened our country for future generations of Americans. You should be happy at least for the long term. No one has the power to prevent the hardship most of us will endure for the coming few years, no one. But if we can rid ourselves of the "Money Masters" we would at least be going in the right direction. I believe you said you were a Baptist and a Christian. Does not God's word tell you to come out of Babylon and it's system? To look to God for all your needs? And to be assured that these would be met. Are not the things of Babylon, of the world but fleeting? I am wrestling with these concepts in my life still but then I do not openly claim to believe one way and act in another. I am not attacking you or anyone else. I am only expressing an alternative perception. TerraPatriot.

As for the wall street markets:
Every little piglet the world over squeals when suddenly being weaned from it's teat. The greed that infected wall street and main street has pretty much destroyed those appendages for many little piglets for the foreseeable future. Men of industry will now begin to invest in production rather than speculation in this country and the rest of the world. You know, earning their bread by the sweat of their brow. TP.

" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.

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