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THE next Republican nominee for President will be RUSH LIMBAUGH....AND I never thought I would say it , maybe thats not a bad thing from what we have to choose from
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TerrorPatriot's response:
I sure do wish you were right but the intelligentsia at the top of your gang are much smarter than that. They fully realize that this tub of lard has only one use. To sway the minds of the ignorant masses and divide the electorate enough for them to hopefully move back into the position of robbing the piss out of the middle and working class. Wake up out of your blind allegiance so this country can regain it's rightful place on the world stage. Haven't you seen enough bloodshed? TP. By the way you are being published today at Hope you don't mind.

" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.

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