Tuesday, April 27, 2010


   To Whom It May Concern,

   I am deeply concerned about how the media is portraying and handling the new law in Arizona , regarding illegal immigration in our state.

It seems that for whatever reason , The media seems to broadcast the protesters and opponents views much closer , rather than the mainstream citizens view , and the Federal Laws that have been in place for years.

Why isn't this being treated fairly ? Why is Arizona ,and the supporters of this bill being compared to " Nazis" and "Racists" ? No civil human being is wanting , or calling for the extermination of illegals. We just want ALL people to come here legally , just as the millions before them did. How does the word " Nazi" or "Racist " come into play for simply pleading with the government to stop the illegal flooding?

This isn't a " Racial " issue . It's an " Illegal " issue . And I'm offended when I turn on my television , or open up my newspaper to see words like that . And whenever opponents use the " White People " words I cringe . Do people not understand that what they call " Whites " are people that are actually made up of of other nationalities too ? Are the opponents of this law themselves " racially profiling " ?

As a citizen of the USA , and living here in Arizona , I have had first hand experience of being victimized by an illegal aliens criminal activity. A couple years ago we had found out that my 15 year old daughters social security number was stolen and being used by an illegal immigrant for employment . Nothing ever came of it because the police could not find her . And it was a real pain when trying to get it straight with social security .Where were the cameras and media to broadcast and make a stand for my teenage daughter ? Where were HER rights then? I know there are thousands more like my daughter that have been victimized . Where are our rights ?

Many years ago I lived in Texas , and had the privilege to meet and work alongside an Iranian man named Zeke . We became very good friends , and we often spoke about our families with each other . I can't tell you how many times his eyes would tear up when he talked about his wife . You see , his wife was a citizen of Iran at the time , And Zeke was doing everything in his power to get her here to the USA so that they could start their new life here in the United States together . The problem was , he was doing everything the RIGHT way , and was waiting on the governments paperwork to be completed . So while he went about it the correct way , he suffered greatly each and every day.

With that being said , I wonder how my friend Zeke , or his wife would feel now. After all , He and his wife only wanted a better way of life too.

Is amnesty for all illegals really the answer ? Is it really even plausible ? And if so wouldn't America simply be creating a bigger monster if this was done ? How can the US give amnesty to all the illegal aliens that are currently here , but in the same breath , turn away every other nationality that wants to come too ,simply because they aren't on american soil ? To me , and probably millions of other americans , that would be the true definition of " Racist" . What do we tell our friends , and relatives that are currently citizens of other countries , But want so much to come live here as a citizen too ?

And if ever amnesty is mentioned , How many more illegal immigrants would come into the USA then ? Just to beat the deadline before the bill is passed . Do we dare say millions more? Who's to determine who was here , and who wasn't . And with all due respect , we can definately expect the " Race " card to played then on each and every single immigrant that was turned away because he was thought not to have been here in time.

When did the flooding of the United States by illegals become okay ? Why did Janet Napolitano and our Government waste tax payers money for border patrol , and construction of a border fence then if she, and the government refused to enforce it in the first place ?

911 was a changing point in the history of the United States . Homeland security told us each and every day that they were protecting us . They were spending millions to secure our safety . Please , Someone , Mr Obama , tell us . How is our country secure when we don't even know who's coming or going into our country ? And with all due respect what does a terrorists look like ?

So some believe that by the police having the power to question ones citizenship , is simply racial profiling . And that it infringes on their civil rights . To those people , and to Mr Obama , and to you in the media I ask , when was the last time you went through security at the airport , either locally , or nationally ? Take of your shoes , take off your belt , empty your pockets, place your purse in here , " Oh , and by the way could you please step over here sir I have a few questions for you ".

That's okay , But asking your citizenship isn't ? With all due respect If it wasn't for 911 and other illegal activities , the American citizens would never be going through this in the first place.

As a legal citizen of the United States I recently had to purchase passports for my family . I spent hundreds of hard earned dollars so that they could enter other countries , including Mexico .How ironic is it that the same government that seems to allow free flowing entrance into America , would charge my family to go out of it ? Sounds hypocritical .

Let me make a statement for all the people who say "Mexicans are only taking the jobs that nobody else wants " . First of all lets be correct here , that's simply NOT the truth . And to the people that state " Mexicans work harder " , all I'd like to say to you is this are you "racially profiling"?

But if one TRULY believes that ignorant statement , I ask you to take a look at Mexico as a whole and then look me in the eyes the next time you say that .

The simple truth of the matter is this . Both the American citizens AND the illegal aliens are getting the short end of the stick here . And the culprit is the businesses that hire the illegals . That's right , Our own companies and businesses are giving the american citizens the finger here. The companies and businesses want undocumented, cheap labor and rather than pay the typical american certain wages , along with insurance , they opt for an illegal so that the company can save thousands of dollars in cash and benefits. And we America , support them ? If amnesty ever does come into affect , these businesses and companies will be kicking themselves . They'll now have to pay better wages , and pay benefits to those illegals that they previously hired . Something they had avoided doing in the first place by hiring an american. Way to go. How many Americans are currently unemployed now ? How much money would the government save if they didn't have to keep extending unemployment benefits ? 11 million illegals in our country , and how many unemployed americans ?

" Well if you get rid of the illegals , then some businesses will pack up and leave ",,,,,,,,,Really ? News flash , read the paragraph above . THAT'S why they'll leave. Besides it happens all the time NOW. Companies pack up and move overseas all the time Next time you call your credit card company you'll see for yourself . Don't fool yourselves into thinking that companies will simply move in defense of the illegals rights movement .They do it to SAVE THEMSELVES MONEY.

I watch the news each and every day , and I see people like Felipe Calderon ,Salvador Reza,Raul Grijalva , and Mexico President President Felipe Calderon all demanding the rights of illegal aliens . With all due respect , what nationality are these people ? and where are the chinese figures , or the cubans , the iranians etc etc ? How is it wrong for anyone else to say " illegal mexicans " or " Illegal Hispanics" , when thats all you see but self proclaimed hispanics on tv or in the paper demanding special rights FOR THEIR PEOPLE ? Why aren't they on the docks in Florida helping out the cuban immigrants that are trying to get here from overseas?

The simple truth is , we know why they aren't . And that my friend looks ,smells and sounds selfish and racist to me.

I'm all for anyone in the world living here, regardless of race or religion . I understand wanting to have a better life , a better education . As long as it's done the right way like millions of others before you had to do . You don't just get to cut to the front of the line because it's not quick enough for you .

We simply cannot open the door just for our neighbors , and yet close it on our friends . For that itself would be racist , and unfair treatment for millions of others.

So unless we open up the United States to ANYONE and EVERYONE. no one should receive preferential treatment . NO ONE !!

U.S Citizen

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