Saturday, August 23, 2008


  • As I type these words there are those who are actively following A well thought out plan to hoodwink the American people yet again.Just as history has now shown, our involvement in WWI,WWII,Korea,Vietnam,Iraq and countless other less known fiascoes,as being pre-engineered by A very few powerful elitist, to ensure their strangle hold on the world.It is obvious to me that in the coming weeks the world will have [THE STRAIGHT OF HORMUZ INCIDENT]added to the badly distorted pages of American history. Just like the [GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT]propelled America into the Vietnam war.'This was another[BLACKFLAG] staged event,whereby a few small Vietnamese gunboats attacked an American destroyer,now proven to be totally false.'But hell, It only cost 58,000 American lives. You may ask, why would they do this?The answer is always the same 'PROFIT AND POWER,'something much more important to them,than any number of innocent people who may unwittingly die.They now have at least four eminent objectives. [ELECT McBUSH,--KEEP HALIBURTIN/EXXONMOBILE/BLACKWATER,ETC. FUNDED,---PLACATE THE ZIONIST PARTNERSHIP,---CONFRONT RUSSIA INDIRECTLY.] So,the most obvious way to accomplish these must do items, is to have an American destroyer attacked by A few small Iranian gunboats,and I predict that we will see A real video,to include enough damage to kill many personnel. This will be another compelling reason for the people of NORTH FLORIDA to move towards our complete disassociation from this murderous,and calculative [HIJACKED CENTRAL GOVERNMENT] Do not allow them to feed your children into their global meat grinder!!!And to wrap this up, the only place we need to drill--drill--drill is with the armed forces of North Florida. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


If any of you stumble upon this post,and you happen to be concerned about your economic future,or the quality of life of your children,I would urge you to view the video selections at [WWW.TERRORPATRIOT.BLOGSPOT.COM ]If you are not enraged by what you are shown there,then don't waste my time and put your head back up between your legs!!!However, I am sure to find other 'Patriotic Americans' and I would very much invite them to converse with me, and the many others, who have recognized the URGENCY of the COMPLETE FAILURE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!I have advocated ideas that may seem very radical to anyone, who may not have had, the chance to understand the history of the people and events, that made America the greatest country the world has ever known.Please don't let this stop you from responding and participating, or to ask questions.The situation and circumstances, that the American people have been slowly but surly SCAMMED into cries out for all of us,WHO LOVE FREEDOM,to wake up and be counted.Don't believe that others will do something or that you are not important or that your voice can't make a difference. That kind of thinking is a big part of our problem.And please don't believe that our so called, 'elected government officials' will protect us.The ones that are not criminals or abject fools,are little more than hostages,held in check by forces they cannot fight and American people who don't understand and don't seem to care.['WE, THE PEOPLE']are the most important part of our government.Our government has failed because we have failed to be involved.By god,we are 330 million strong!!!,so anytime we can [AGREE AND UNITE]['we']you and I,can turn the situation around and put our beloved country back in the will of the people!!!'DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU'GLENN NUNLEY NORTH FLORIDA.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sounds about right to me.with it's eastern border at the Ocolocnee river.New capital at Panama City or Pensacola.We could then begin to get a handle on this out-of-touch government,and start the process of ''DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE''from the real problem,the imperilist,buearacratic,[den of morons and thieves in Washington D. C.] I really don't think anyone could blame us ,or try to stop us. And I really don't think they could!!! ''GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH''I AGREE,PATRICK HENRY!!!GLENN NUNLEY GRACEVILLE,FLORIDA

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