Saturday, August 23, 2008


  • As I type these words there are those who are actively following A well thought out plan to hoodwink the American people yet again.Just as history has now shown, our involvement in WWI,WWII,Korea,Vietnam,Iraq and countless other less known fiascoes,as being pre-engineered by A very few powerful elitist, to ensure their strangle hold on the world.It is obvious to me that in the coming weeks the world will have [THE STRAIGHT OF HORMUZ INCIDENT]added to the badly distorted pages of American history. Just like the [GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT]propelled America into the Vietnam war.'This was another[BLACKFLAG] staged event,whereby a few small Vietnamese gunboats attacked an American destroyer,now proven to be totally false.'But hell, It only cost 58,000 American lives. You may ask, why would they do this?The answer is always the same 'PROFIT AND POWER,'something much more important to them,than any number of innocent people who may unwittingly die.They now have at least four eminent objectives. [ELECT McBUSH,--KEEP HALIBURTIN/EXXONMOBILE/BLACKWATER,ETC. FUNDED,---PLACATE THE ZIONIST PARTNERSHIP,---CONFRONT RUSSIA INDIRECTLY.] So,the most obvious way to accomplish these must do items, is to have an American destroyer attacked by A few small Iranian gunboats,and I predict that we will see A real video,to include enough damage to kill many personnel. This will be another compelling reason for the people of NORTH FLORIDA to move towards our complete disassociation from this murderous,and calculative [HIJACKED CENTRAL GOVERNMENT] Do not allow them to feed your children into their global meat grinder!!!And to wrap this up, the only place we need to drill--drill--drill is with the armed forces of North Florida. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA.

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