Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have watched over the last couple of years as our government and it's agencies have been enlisted and utilized by the greedy bankers and wall street thugs. They have diligently worked hand in hand to craft the rules of the game in a way to reap a bountiful harvest off the backs of millions of honest working and middle class people and in the process have sewn the seeds of despair and anger throughout the lengths and depths of our country. What has been over looked by these pilgrims is that while they gathered in their ill gains they could not harvest our spirits. The American people are for the most part good and decent folks just like you and me given to fair play and live and let live attitudes, but they also possess a deep rooted spirit of independence and a strong dislike of being bamboozled by the very people who are sworn and obligated to run our institutions in a way that is fair with equal opportunities for all. When the evidence is laid bare and there is no doubt that we have been railroaded by these groups then it will not be long until there will be hell to pay. So when the facilitators of all this mischief becomes more clear everyday and with each function of our lives that is disrupted only serves to bring the day of reckoning closer. You had better know that if you are not with us you are against us and that sooner or later you will be called to answer for the devious and greedy behavior that has resulted in so much unnecessary suffering and disruption of our lives. The retribution that will be exacted could take many forms and the methods will vary but in the end the seeds that have been sewn will produce a bitter crop for all those malevolent planters and harvesters. Glenn Nunley. North Florida.


For Immediate Release
January 31,2009
Re: Congress passes “bailout” legislation
The League of the South, the only existing Southern nationalist organization, condemns in the strongest possible way the “bailout” legislation passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress.
League President Dr. Michael Hill noted: “Giving three-quarters of a trillion dollars of taxpayer-guaranteed funds to the very people who caused this financial crisis in the first place is not only irresponsible, it is insane. It would be a sweet deal indeed to go to Vegas and be able to keep your winnings but throw your losses on to someone else’s shoulders. Essentially, what has been done is to allow the bankers to keep their profits in good times and make the American taxpayer responsible for their losses in bad times. This legislation was pushed through the House and Senate by a campaign of fear mongering. There was even talk of a declaration of martial law if the House didn’t pass the Senate’s version of the bailout bill.”
The League believes that the passage of the bailout legislation will serve only to cover the crisis temporarily and make the final day of financial and economic reckoning even worse. Moreover, the League sees this as a major step toward socialism in the American economy.
Hill stated that he hoped “the Southern people would wake up and see that both major political parties are bought and paid for by the banking and business elites and that the current American empire is not worthy of their consent and support. Instead of protecting their lives, liberty, and property, the regime is robbing them blind.”
Since its inception in 1994, the League has sought to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means. It believes this stand is necessary now more than ever.
The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, can be reached for comment by phone at (800) 888-3163 or by e-mail at


Can You Imagine? We Can!

The South Carolina legislature convened on November 19, 1832 to adopt an ordinance of nullification. The issue that was being considered was a tariff that had been enacted by the Congress. The South Carolina legislature decreed that the tariff was “unauthorized by the Constitution of the United States, and violated the true meaning and intent thereof.”
Please concentrate and think about what you just read. A state legislature nullified a federal law that it deemed had violated the true meaning and intent of the United States Constitution.
Can you imagine living in a country whereby the people, through their state legislatures, are empowered to nullify unlawful decrees from the federal government? That was the nation that was founded in 1776.
That nation no longer exists. Today the federal government decides the boundaries of its own powers with no regard for Constitutional limits. Corrupt politicians and corrupt judges consistently treat the original intent of the Constitution as a mere relic of the past.
We seek to reestablish our forefathers long lost form of government. Hopefully, you do as well.
If so, we ask…is it more likely that the federal government will grant to the people the liberties they’ve previously taken and are currently denying, or is it more likely that the people will have to reclaim those lost liberties for themselves through their duly elected state representatives?
Based on the conduct of our federal government with its ever increasing tentacles and increasing control over our lives, isn’t it clear that it will never grant us the freedoms they’ve stolen? Quite the contrary, they will only take more.
The League of the South is dedicated to restoring the form of government described in the Declaration of Independence, that is, a government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.
We also believe that the South is the only region of the country interested in such a form of government. Moreover, we are convinced that if the South were left to govern itself according to its will, the form of government established in 1776 would instantly reappear and flourish. Why? Because in the heart of every true Southerner, a reverence for God resides that does not exist in other areas of the nation.
The natural fruit of this reverence is a form of government in which the government is not God. That is, if the government’s decrees violate the precepts of the bible, they are nullified by the people. Thus we are focused on uniting the South to eventually elect representatives that will follow the example of the South Carolina legislature in the early days of our republic.
Our forefathers have shown us the way. It’s now up to us. It’s up to you. Click on this site to learn more. DixieNet.Org Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

United We Stand Divided We Fall

An American Tragedy

There has been much to contemplate since the events of September 11, 2001 regarding our Country and it's citizens. Many pages have already been written filled with sorrow and emotion regarding the dastardly act of terror and war against the people of New York, Washington D.C. and the United States. The view of the wreckage is reminiscent of a scene from the movie "Terminator", and, amidst the tragic loss of life and property, many, still in a state of shock, wonder, "What's this all about? We just want to be left alone in peace." But alas, the United States have been invaded!
A look at the past may provide some clarity for the present.
Some 143 years ago the Southern States of this nation felt much the same as their yearning for liberty and constitutional freedom led them to form what they hoped would be a peaceful nation. But they, too, would be invaded.
And as the citizens of today look in horror at this devastation, sadly there are none alive to remember a different reign of terror on American soil.
Some in today's media have been heard to remark that this is the first time women and children have been targeted in such an attack, but, in the fall of 1864, as United States General William Tecumseh Sherman and his soldiers marched from Atlanta to the sea, he left in his wake a like tragedy, as the lives and property of civilians were consumed in a similar fiery ball. His men cut a path 300 miles in length and 60 miles wide as they passed through Georgia, destroying factories, bridges, railroads, public buildings, homes and farms, terrorizing a Nation that sought only liberty and peace. That those victims of yesteryear had some warning of what was to come was of little comfort as they had not the means to prevent it and the loss of life and property, just as today, was immeasurable to the citizens of their time. And for those who survived, their very means of existence had been taken away. Who today will condemn that action? Who will stop to reflect on the feelings of the Southern Nation so many years in the past?
Sadly, since those days, the ego of the victor of that struggle for freedom has centralized against the citizens, and, laying aside the very reason the several States created the Union, became mired in an outward fight for political domination, slowly suspending the rights of it's very creators, bent on swallowing the parts to feed the whole. These States, unable to patrol their own borders have been left exposed to a myriad of evils. Can we now say that these colonies are the United States of America, each expressing their individualism and free will?
We have been terrorized in the past, and it has been said that studies of these events have provided warnings of what would come. Could it be that, in the midst of partisan politics and concerned with a negative media image, many of our leaders felt that prophesy too disturbing, and not wanting trouble, buried their heads in the sand?
Over 140 years ago, a nation was called to prayer by its president, during a time of severe sorrow. The date was Friday, 27 March 1863; that nation was the Confederate States of America.
"To this end I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate State States of America, do issue this my proclamation, setting apart Friday, the 27th day of March, as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer; and I do invite the people of the said States to repair on that day to their places of worship, and to join in prayer to Almighty God, that He will preciously restore to our beloved country, the blessing of peace and security. In faith whereof I have hereunto set my hand at the city of Richmond on the twenty-seventh day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three."
The cause of Freedom, Liberty and Godliness, so tenaciously held by the Southern Nation is no less honorable or just in these trying times as it was so many years ago. And as we now stand with our brothers and sisters to the North in their hour of trial, may we call for them to unite with us in a return to the fundamental principles of Constitutional law our fathers so unselfishly fought for us to inherit.
This cause is just. This cause is honorable. This cause is real. It should never be pre-empted. It matters not from where an enemy of freedom and liberty emerges or by what name or cause it proclaims. It is the solemn duty of all Americans to fight against it until it is driven back in defeat or destroyed. Whether such a threat arises from outside or inside our borders makes no difference. Whether such a threat claims to be a Foreign Government or our own Government matters not. If either seeks to enslave the American people and to deny our rights and established liberties then all Americans are duty bound to join together in a common bond of mutual support until the threat is neutralized. This is the whole reason for being United. Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

American Tax Dollars Assisting In Our Coming Destruction.

Like the pairs of foxes in the biblical story of Samson, tied together by the tail with a flaming torch between them, we and the Palestinians are dragging each other into disaster -- despite our disparate strength, and even when we try very hard to separate. And as we do, we burn the one who is bound to us, our double, our nemesis, ourselves.
So, a month after the war began, in the midst of the wave of nationalist invective now sweeping Israel, it would not hurt to keep in mind that this latest military operation in Gaza was, when all is said and done, just one more way-station on a road paved with fire, violence and hatred. On this road, you sometimes win and you sometimes lose, but in the end it leads to ruin.
As both Israel and Hamas declared their own cease-fires, we Israelis rejoiced at how this campaign has rectified Israel's military failures in the Second Lebanon War of 2006. But we should listen to the voice that says that the Israel Defense Forces' achievements are not indubitable proof that Israel was right to set out on an operation of such huge proportions; they certainly do not justify the way our army pursued its mission. The IDF's success confirms only that Israel is much stronger than Hamas, and that under certain circumstances it can be very tough and cruel.
But as the magnitude of the killing and the devastation has become apparent to all, perhaps Israeli society will, for a brief moment, put its sophisticated mechanisms of repression and self-righteousness on hold. And then perhaps a lesson of some sort will be etched into the Israeli consciousness. Maybe then we will finally understand something deep and fundamental -- that our conduct here in this region has, for a long time, been flawed, immoral and unwise. Time and again, it fans the flames that are consuming us.
Of course, the Palestinians cannot be absolved of culpability for their errors and crimes. To do so would show contempt and condescension toward them, as if they were not rational adults responsible for their mistakes and oversights. True, the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip were in large measure "strangled" by Israel, but they, too, had other options, other ways of protesting, voicing and displaying their difficult plight. Firing thousands of rockets at innocent civilians in Israel was not their only choice. We must not forget that. We must not be forgiving of the Palestinians, as if it goes without saying that when they are in distress, their almost automatic response must be violence.
But even when the Palestinians act with reckless belligerence -- with suicide bombings and Qassam missiles -- Israel, which is many times stronger than they are, has tremendous power to control the level of violence in the conflict as a whole. As such, it can also have a profound influence on calming the conflict and extricating both sides from its cycle of destruction. This most recent military action indicates that there does not seem to be anyone in the Israeli leadership who grasps that, who fully appreciates this critical aspect of the dispute.
After all, the day will come when we will want to try to heal the wounds that we have just inflicted. How can that day come if we do not understand that our military might cannot be our principal tool for establishing our presence here, across from and among the Arab nations? How can those days come if we do not grasp the gravity of the responsibility imposed on us by our multifarious, fateful ties and connections, past and future, with the Palestinian nation in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and inside Israel itself?
When the clouds of smoke clear, when the politicians' declarations of comprehensive, decisive victory fade, when we realize what this operation has really achieved, when we see how large the gap is between those declarations and what we really need to know in order to live a normal life in this region, when we acknowledge that an entire nation eagerly hypnotized itself because it needed so badly to believe that Gaza would cure its Lebanon malady -- then we can turn our attention to those who time and again have incited Israeli society's hubris and its exaltation of power. To those who have, for so many years, taught us to scorn belief in peace and hope for any change at all in our relations with the Arabs. To those who have persuaded us that the Arabs understand only force, and that we can speak to them only in that language.
Since we have spoken that way to them so often, and only that way, we have forgotten that there are other languages that can be used to communicate with other human beings, even enemies, even enemies as bitter as Hamas -- languages that are mother tongues to us, the Israelis, no less so than the language of the jet and the tank.
To talk to the Palestinians. That must be the central conclusion we reach from this last, bloody round of war. To talk even with those who do not recognize our right to exist here. Instead of ignoring Hamas now, we must take advantage of the new situation and enter into a dialogue to enable an accommodation with the Palestinian people as a whole. To talk, in order to understand that reality is not just the hermetically sealed story that we and the Palestinians have been telling ourselves for generations, the story that we are imprisoned within, no small part of which consists of fantasies, wishes and nightmares. To talk in order to devise, within this opaque, unhearing reality, an opportunity for speech, for that alternative -- so scorned and forlorn today -- for which, in the tempest of war, there is almost no place, no hope, no believers.
To talk as a well-considered strategy, to initiate dialogue, to insist on speech, to talk to the wall, to talk even if it seems fruitless. In the long term, this stubbornness may do far more for our future than hundreds of airplanes dropping bombs on a city and its people. To talk out of the understanding, born of the recent horrors we have seen, that the destruction we, each people in its own way, are able to cause one another is a huge and corrupting force. If we surrender to it and its logic, it will, in the end, destroy us all.
To talk, because what has taken place in Gaza over the past three weeks places before us in Israel a mirror that reflects a face that would horrify us were we to gaze on it for one moment from the outside, or if we were to see it on another nation. We would understand then that our victory is no real victory, and that the war in Gaza has not brought us any healing in that place where we desperately need a cure.

David Grossman is a leading Israeli novelist and peace activist. A version of this article first appeared in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. It was translated from the Hebrew by Haim Watzman. " This article is copied from "The Washington Post"

A little known fact and one that is carefully kept from the American people is that one third of all American foreign aid goes to the "Murdering Zionist Regime/Government" of Israel. Last year alone that amounted to over 10 billion dollars. All this while our own people are losing their homes and many of our children are going to bed hungry. Get ready to reap the whirlwind America.
Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

Zionist Holocaust In Gaza

Let's skin it back a little more today.
The Zionist summarily murdered over 1500 civilians who were out of uniform in Gaza within the last three weeks including women and children which comprised 60 to 70% of the dead.
Due to the Israeli border blockades they were also out of food and medicine. Many of them were burned alive by the use of white phosphorus bombs constructed in this country and given to the Israeli Government..
At 6 to $8,000,000 per day of American assistance going to Israel everyday, that would amount to 200+ million tax payer Dollars that was used to assist this atrocity.
If American citizens would demand an end to our Government's involvement in this deceptive greed it would do more to prevent more attacks against our country and also Israel, as they would have to abandon their greedy land grabbing ways and actually have to conduct themselves in a civilized way thereby bringing about peace in the region.
Had we addressed this years ago, We would still have the twin towers and there would be no Guantanamo prisoner camp to contend with. We were issued a warning just yesterday from Saudi Arabia, that if we did not quickly have a shift in our policy toward Israel, that we will experience a loss of their cooperation and a unraveling of the entire Middle East.
The most casual observer could not fail to realize this would mean World War. For those of you who are relying on "The Rapture" Good Luck. I recall reading somewhere " Blessed are the Peace makers for they shall obtain Peace" and " Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well, there’s a lot of good scholarship on this now that shows us that in 1860s America the U.S. Constitution was important to people. They saw it as a kind of protection; they saw it as a source of social order. They saw the American nation as now something they were directly experiencing; millions were directly experiencing the government as never before in those debates of the 1850s. And as I’ve said before now, voter turnout just zoomed in the 1850s, to seventy-five and eighty percent, in each general election from 1852 on. Phillip Paludan, in a marvelous book about this, has said that the Constitution and the government, for so many northerners, was like a shield of protection, and that southern secession now was not just a threat to this government, it was a threat to social order itself, and it therefore had to be stopped. A New Hampshire farmer who became a buck private in 1861 said, quote, “The question now is country or no country, liberty or slavery?” There’s a beautiful clarity to that isn’t there? Now I don’t know what he said, after Bull Run or after Antietam, or after Spotsylvania, if he survived. A fifty year-old railroad contractor named Robert McAllister threw down his lucrative job in 1861 and enlisted, at age fifty, quote, “to help us put down this wicked and unjustifiable rebellion. Our country and property is worth nothing if we don’t, nor will life be secure.” This is all over people’s letters. They said they were fighting for liberty; of course, so did southerners.
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