Saturday, January 31, 2009


Can You Imagine? We Can!

The South Carolina legislature convened on November 19, 1832 to adopt an ordinance of nullification. The issue that was being considered was a tariff that had been enacted by the Congress. The South Carolina legislature decreed that the tariff was “unauthorized by the Constitution of the United States, and violated the true meaning and intent thereof.”
Please concentrate and think about what you just read. A state legislature nullified a federal law that it deemed had violated the true meaning and intent of the United States Constitution.
Can you imagine living in a country whereby the people, through their state legislatures, are empowered to nullify unlawful decrees from the federal government? That was the nation that was founded in 1776.
That nation no longer exists. Today the federal government decides the boundaries of its own powers with no regard for Constitutional limits. Corrupt politicians and corrupt judges consistently treat the original intent of the Constitution as a mere relic of the past.
We seek to reestablish our forefathers long lost form of government. Hopefully, you do as well.
If so, we ask…is it more likely that the federal government will grant to the people the liberties they’ve previously taken and are currently denying, or is it more likely that the people will have to reclaim those lost liberties for themselves through their duly elected state representatives?
Based on the conduct of our federal government with its ever increasing tentacles and increasing control over our lives, isn’t it clear that it will never grant us the freedoms they’ve stolen? Quite the contrary, they will only take more.
The League of the South is dedicated to restoring the form of government described in the Declaration of Independence, that is, a government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.
We also believe that the South is the only region of the country interested in such a form of government. Moreover, we are convinced that if the South were left to govern itself according to its will, the form of government established in 1776 would instantly reappear and flourish. Why? Because in the heart of every true Southerner, a reverence for God resides that does not exist in other areas of the nation.
The natural fruit of this reverence is a form of government in which the government is not God. That is, if the government’s decrees violate the precepts of the bible, they are nullified by the people. Thus we are focused on uniting the South to eventually elect representatives that will follow the example of the South Carolina legislature in the early days of our republic.
Our forefathers have shown us the way. It’s now up to us. It’s up to you. Click on this site to learn more. DixieNet.Org Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

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