Saturday, March 7, 2009


Marketing deception to the intellectually starved "Riechwing masses" is very profitable. But it gets in the way of intelligent national debate.

Limbaugh takes complex issues, simplifies them, and sells his position with rhetoric. He, like many radio personalities, constantly employs logical fallacies– It is not too difficult to choose a topic whereby he can then simplify another’s argument and then easily “prove” it’s wrong.

There are two problems:
One, there’s a market for it. Many people on the left and the right want to hear this kind of stuff. They tune into their favorite station or pick up the latest book filled with nonsense written by political opportunists such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or Michelle Malkin to name a few. People want to reinforce their own distorted beliefs. They have a need to believe they are the guardians of American values which these media prostitutes are happy to define for them.

Two, most people are not intellectual enough to think for themselves. They allow people like Limbaugh to think for them. Limbaugh makes the issues he talks about digestible for them. It’s the same thing with political adds. They distort the facts slightly and simplify them to make their argument digestible to stupid people. The fact is, most people are not intellectual enough to understand complex issues.
I think the problem is with the masses, not necessarily Limbaugh. Glenn Nunley. North Florida.


While Americans of goodwill and conscience strive to save our American way of life the ranks of the Limbaugh Loonies tune in to this Kool-aid peddler on a daily basis.

The sleeveless thing again? good grief, move on. I'm offended having to look at his fat jowls, cover those things up. Disgusting, and isn't it time to get those ear implants switched out, the ones he needed because he made himself deaf taking too much oxycontin?
But to the subject, is our boy actually contending that this guy has a cell phone because of Obama's policies? when did that program start?

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