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Lector's Lectures On The Squall Live Forum

One man standing up and fighting back against tyranny is often the needed catalyst to effect change. TP.
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HEY SKINS and others who say the Dems. are the big spenders :-) Just read the facts on the following web site Posted by lector

Thank you for this link. After checking out it's accuracy and finding it to be appallingly true and accurate I will as quickly as possible be putting this graph up on a prominent State Road Bill Board for all to contemplate leading up to the 2010 Congressional and the 2012 Congressional and Presidential elections. You are always accomplishing more than you know when engaging the various people on this very important public forum where even the moderator is one of our neighbors who wields the important power of the pen. TP.

Lector; As the latest election has proven, there is across this Country a slight majority of enlightened American voters that have had enough of the theft and degradation to our Country wrought by the past Republican Party's solely to benefit the 10% wealthiest elite at the expense of the 90% of the hard working middle class. Unfortunately 80% of the voters of North Florida are not part of this awakening, so it is incumbent on the rest of us to do our best to educate them. They must come to realize that they are not in the 10% club nor are they or their children ever likely to be. I am not a Nationalist or a member of either of the two dominant party's, but until we can throw off the yoke of the repressive and over reaching power of the Central Government, returning that power to to the States, I will work towards the continued success and re-election of this President and hope the people are wise enough to oust the thieves of both party's who now soil our Federal and State Houses of Congress.

People like yourself are so very important to this effort and few are able or willing to stand up to the uninformed and informed bigotry of too many of our neighbors. I have said many times, the failure of Government is a failure of education. And this condition is either contrived by the Central Government or is a result of their failure. Either way we need them out of our schools to allow local and State control and management. Civics classes and true versions of American History must be reintroduced in order to have informed Citizens. Thank you again for your Civic Service to our Country. PatrioticPatriot.Lector; I intend to publish this thread on my blog at

This is a must read to understand the conundrum we are involved in !!!

CLICK THIS LINK. THEN HOLD ON TO YOUR CHAIR!!! It just got another new home lector. I will tag and bag it and send it off into the blogosphere. TP.
" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry.

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