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Is this why you support Obama? Do you think he is pushing us towards this confrontation and you want it sooner rather than later?
Posted by blackwalk

No. The rational decision I made to vote for President Obama Does not lesson my disdain for the dangers of an all powerful Central Government. President Obama may be our last best hope of avoiding such a confrontation. Although many of his policies are being dictated by circumstances not of his making and therefore alienating a sizable number of our citizens.

The choke hold of the FRS/CENTRALGOV. has been growing like a cancer for years and has metastasized once again. This is serious and the treatments being applied are less than ideal and seem to be killing the patient. But no matter, Obama will pass and be replaced. The overbearing powers of the Central Authority will either be reversed by the combined actions of the people who reside in the 50 States and the territories or the Independence that was once enjoyed by the States will disappear for ever.

( Just finished reading a good portion of the history of the American Revolution by " Julian Hawthorne" in "History Of The United States" Vol. 2. Not many of us possess a true understanding of the years of very vicious battles and sacrifice our forefathers endured to give us such a precious gift as freedom and Independence. Battles and death so atrocious as to exceed all the other wars we have endured since.

We, The People have once again accepted the yoke of tyranny from exactly the place our founders so fervently tried to resist and prevent with our Constitution, which by the way is complete with the path to be taken in the event this should occur. An all powerful and over reaching Central Power is the reality today. The outcome of our condition once again hangs in the balance as we all look towards Washington for our daily direction.

This should not be. The people should be looking to themselves and the locally elected officials Of the separate states. The failures of the few should be assisted by the strength of the many rather than chancing a cataclysmic collapse of all, such as we seem to be witnessing.

A pride and independent heart still beats within thousands of our citizens who have been adequately educated to understand my meanings here, but is there enough, that also possess the courage and are willing to endure the sacrifice that would be called for at this juncture of our history? This is the question by which the answer will determine the fate of America. Glenn Nunley. North Florida. RamblingTerraPatriot. (Sorry) My time is up. Adios Amigos.
" I know not what course others may choose but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" Patrick Henry

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