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We were never free and independent in 1776 as we have all been led to believe. Our lofty assertions espoused in our Preamble to our Declaration Of Independence must have provided amusing parlor chat for the stake holders of the American colonies. The stakeholders being the Money Masters and International Banker's and descendants who had perfected their system of economic control hundreds of years before The United States was even born. Way back then they would have been having a good chuckle at how well the economic chains were already working as their agents in our midst maneuvered the rules and laws which prevented or abolished any legislation and all monetary policy which would not be favorable to their continued economic choke hold, that they maintain to this day.

What "WE THE PEOPLE" are witnessing once again, just as it happens in all business cycles, is another bountiful harvest from the most successful Plantation to ever evolve on the planet. That harvest includes much of the money in all our pockets, savings, investments, and home equity. Yes it never belonged to us in the first place. We are only allowed to live and work here as long as we work hard and cause no trouble on the row. Our "Massa's must be so very proud of a "Golden Goose" such as America and the well disciplined slaves who maintain it. These slaves, these American workers quaintly call themselves Democrats and Republicans for the moment. The American worker is no more capable of understanding this now than was "Old Uncle Tom" back a hundred and fifty years ago. That is not to say that all Americans are this ignorant of their plight, far from it. One has only to use their imagination to see around them the few, who by obeying the massa's orders are allowed to receive a better cut of the pork occasionally.
If you accept what I have written as having any merit at all. I would just encourage all of you to be very careful of allowing the trouble makers, of which I admit to being, causing you to endure the whip or noose of corrective compliance which will swiftly visit all who dare to disturb the peace on this plantation. Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

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