Monday, September 22, 2008


The biggest flaw in the Bush proposal is the complete lack of transparency, with only so much as a Trust Me plea for a blank check, we have been offered no specifics, no oversight, no accountability.
The remedy is, making our primary goal, relief for American families who worked hard, played by the rules, and should not lose their life savings. Begin with a clear statement of what mortgages would be purchased at how many pennies on the dollar, independent oversight, protections for homeowners, and no excessive executive compensation so we can see what we are being asked to do.And to anyone who thinks anything like this will happen;I have some beautiful swamp land I would like to interest you in down here in NORTH FLORIDA.We are witnessing a usurption of power by the executive branch of our government with the unconstitutional transference of monetary oversight which is reserved to congress as a separation of powers.But words such as CHECKS and BALANCES have now become so distorted,how could the american people be expected to know the difference!!!!! See you in the soup line. GLENN NUNLEY September 22,2008.

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