Monday, September 29, 2008


"We're in this moment, and if we fail to do the right thing, Heaven help us," These are the words of one of our elected representatives in congress,just prior to the house vote for the 'BAILOUT PROPOSAL'which failed in a vote on the house floor today.
The legislation the administration promoted would have allowed the government to buy bad mortgages and other rotten assets held by troubled banks and financial institutions, getting those debts off their books.If the plan worked, the thinking went, it would help lift a major weight off the national economy that is already sputtering. Supporters of the bill had argued that it was necessary to avoid a collapse of the economic system, a calamity that would drag down not just Wall Street investment houses but possibly the savings and portfolios of millions of Americans. Moreover, supporters argued, a lingering crisis in America could choke off business and consumer loans to a degree that could prompt bank failures in Europe and slow down the global economy's.---THE WOLF IS COMING---THE WOLF IS COMING!!!
Opponents said the bill was cobbled together in too much haste and might amount to throwing good money from taxpayers after bad investments from Wall Street gamblers.Something the thieves installed in the U.S. TREASURY and the corrupt FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD/BANK have already done, with Bear Stearn's,Fannie and Freddie and AIG to the tune of 300 billion dollars and counting. After long favoring a hands-off approach and deregulation of the financial industry,EVEN AS THEY WERE ALLOWED TO STRIP VIRTUALLY EVERY CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW FROM THE BOOKS AND TO EVEN STIFLE STATE LAWS ATTEMPTING TO PROTECT IT'S ILLITERATE, IGNORANT POPULATIONS!!! the Bush administration has found itself in recent weeks interceding repeatedly in the private market to try to avert one calamity after another and to conceal the mechanisms of theft being perpetrated on the middle class. This unbridled greed is starting us on a slippery slope towards socialism. My understanding of socialism is less freedom and less self determination. Sen. John McCain, who interrupted his campaign to deal with the crisis, claimed—via his surrogates—that he wielded great influence in improving the deal and making it palatable TO 'AN IGNORANT POPULATION'many of which, for the first time in years, may actually vote. Then he left town as it collapsed. A congressman who shows up for a fundraiser in Manhattan this week is likely to get tarred and feathered. But at the same time they can maybe count on the support of the people in their districts, that put them in office to begin with.Was the bailout bill killed by collective fear by the congress of the American voter,their sudden desire to do the right thing or by incompetence? It's hard to argue against incompetence, since it has been so rampant, especially on the Republican side of things in Washington. but then all things are relative too. If you consider that within just the eight years of the Bush administration, the largest transfer/theft of national wealth in the history of this country has occurred, and is still happening. Then,whether are not they are incompetent depends largely on which corporation you are invested in. But for the health,welfare and over all good of the American people, there can be no doubt that the most powerful bureaucrats in Washington are immoral,corrupt and criminally involved up to their eyeballs. I BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED, GIVEN A FAIR TRIAL AND PROMPTLY HANGED ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. I VOLUNTEER TO FIT THE NOOSES. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA.

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