Saturday, October 11, 2008


Perpetual War, Here and Abroad

Here's what our handlers are planning to do to -- I mean, for us:

"We have entered an era of persistent conflict.... [We face] new security challenges influenced by the effects of globalization, especially in failing states and in ungoverned areas.... Radicalism influenced by extremist ideologies and separatist movements will remain attractive to those who feel threatened and victimized by the cultural and economic impacts of globalization...."

~ From the 2008 Army Modernization Strategy

We are entering the age of "persistent conflict," advises the Army's 90-page official report on modernization and strategy. Dr. Tom Clonan, the international security analyst for the Irish Times, usefully peels away the thin veneer of euphemism applied to that phrase, rendering it "perpetual warfare."

The Army document is an admission that our rulers intend to divest us of what few tangible liberties we still enjoy. James Madison's warning resonates again: "No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

This is happening because the central government wants desperately to hold on to the levers of power and the keys to the treasury. With the Empire's financial system teetering on the brink, control over its subject population equals control over the money supply.

The reason is very simple: With fiat currency, the ONLY thing backing the dollar is the government's power to create debt, that is, to tax us. If its authority is questioned, if it reveals itself to be illegitimate, there goes the value of the dollar.

So the only thing backing the dollar is monopolized government force, that is, jails, nightsticks, and guns. As the economy continues to sicken, expect to see even more official, legal brutality.

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