Friday, October 24, 2008


What we are witnessing is the inevitable crash of the world markets,not unlike the crash of the great depression of 1929. The difference this time is the planning and resources that are being strategically applied to this one. A more refined and orderly mass robbery of the lower and middle class by the malevolent elite.In there wisdom they realize that they are sitting in the same boat as everyone else and that if they stuff their pockets too full too fast they could tip the boat or even sink it, sending them to the bottom along with the rest of us. They have very craftily placed the right people in the right places to pull and push the economic levers of the global economy to prevent that very thing. we should all feel lucky for this wisdom. Why just watch as Paulson and Bernanke use their nimble fingers to plug that dike, while never missing a royal pay check or celebration party. This is the age old game that has played out so many times in so many places. It is simply the money masters taking their profits from the harvest of the plantation. Some of us will be left with enough seeds for the next harvest, some will occupy brand new prison cells, many will die. Few will ever know the truth. BLESS YOU MASSA. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA. P.S. AM I ANGRY?? JUST KEEP WATCHING!!

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