Friday, November 14, 2008


Replying to: Terrorpatriot
I am willing to be educated. Please, can you tell me of anyone who can be confirmed as a member of one of these groups? Who are these powerful people that control all of the world's governments and all media outlets.And out of curiosity, since you think Obama is going to take them on, why did they allow him to be elected? I mean, if they control all media, couldn't they have stopped him cold?I have looked into this before, and all I find is the fog you mentioned. I have never seen any proof positive that they exist. Posted by: blackwalk Nothing would make my day better, than to believe that you are really open to the truth. And while it is even encouraging to hear that you have looked into this before, and some of the statements you have made, lets me know this is true.I hope that you did not become so conditioned by their smoke and mirrors, to not, take another look. In case you missed it, I respectfully direct you to the blog page at the bottom of this post. If you will seek out some of the information, and video documentaries found there, you can learn the truth. Listen closely to JFK. that only takes 30 seconds. It is him warning us, and it cost him his life. Their control and influence, is always, as fluid as it needs to be, in relation to whatever situation is determined to require some form of manipulation. No expense is to great, no secret is revealed. Their mistakes are buried, not disclosed. all descent is silenced, not praised. It has amassed vast human and material resources, combining, economic, scientific, military,and political control. It's only objective is to possess total wealth and power. The computer, combined with the internet, is the most significant instrument or tool, the common citizen has ever had, to inform each other about this, "Monster On The Loose" Obama and the power behind him have used the same tool, to skillfully ascend to the presidency. It is only logical to conclude, that they would attack the mechanism, that is robbing the very people, that they aim to help.It could be an internal power struggle, or it could be an enlightened army acting on behalf of all mankind. It may be that the inner- circle will shift and the mature "Beast" will control the world. As I said before, I don't have a clue. We are witnessing the final collapse of the American currency, and who knows what economic system we are headed for. Some think it will be some "World Central Bank," for the whole world. I personally have no doubt, that over the next 5 to 10 yrs, The United States, and the rest of the world will suffer, a devastating Depression, that defies the imagination. It is precisely why I spend much of my time trying to alert as many people as I can. And, you my friend, are one of the more compliant people I have encountered, due to your existing knowledge. But even so, I can already see that you are un-reachable.It is a complex thing to grasp. We are all in a lot of trouble. "IF THERE WERE NO GOD, THERE WOULD BE A NEED TO CREATE ONE" Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

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