Tuesday, November 18, 2008


“ Thoughout the universe the gears in the machinery are forever shifting.”
"Power, demands control." On the world stage, it is the few powerful, forever extending their control over the many, which belie the reality of the current world wide economic collapse. A pre-engineered remedy to over population and peak oil. The two most significant objectives are population reduction while maximizing concentrated wealth and power. The latter represents the innate, eternal objective.

The bulk of global population depletion will be felt most severely and tragically in the poorer nations. Food riots in some of these nations have been occurring regularly; government granaries have been under armed guard. Large industrial nations, NAmerica inclusive, will not be spared the consequences of an energy-depleted world. With a pampered population of button pushers whose lifestyles are “non-negotiable” and who have little idea from where or how their several hundred energy slaves per capita originate, how could it be otherwise? The "American Dream" is rapidly reversing and transforming into the "American Nightmare" Glenn Nunley. North Florida.

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