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Please help me! I didn't know that the president had anything to do with economics. Maybe I need a little more education, but I thought that there were three branches of government, Administrative, Judicial, and The Legislative Branch which writes the bills.
Posted by jencabo23

The three branches of our Federal and State Governments are Executive, Legislative, and the Judiciary. They were set up this way to provide checks and balances so power would not become concentrated in any one branch. They each have specific powers which are spelled out in the respective Constitutions. The art of politics is to remain within these parameters while governing according to the will of the people. The problem is that the people who the Government is supposed to serve have failed in our responsibility to keep an eye on the people that we elected and many of those elected to serve were corrupt or became corrupted by the special interest groups who showered money on them in return for special considerations. The two houses of Congress, made up of the House Of Representatives and the Senate comprise the Legislative branch and supposedly the most powerful branch due to the fact that they make the laws and control the purse strings or monetary policy. They are supposed to be the branch that decides if we go to war or not. The Judiciary branch is made up of all the courts and judges and are given the power to interpret and administer the laws that are passed by Congress or the Legislative Branch. They have the last word on any and everything as far as the Constitutionality of it. And then the Executive Branch or the President is supposed to be the least powerful among the three powers. We had just escaped a King and were trying to set up a system that could never be so powerful as to have the people serving it rather than it serving the people.

As the most casual observer can see this generation of Americans stand an excellent chance of being the first ones ever to let our country be taken away from the will of the people that are currently alive and the generations that will follow. We have also dishonored all the people who gave up their lives so others could be free. Our Bad. TerraPatriot.

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