Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DEATH OF AMERICA. "The Good The Bad And The Ugly"

Apocalypse has always held a special fascination for me. Even as a small child I can remember being simultaneously compelled and repulsed by the idea of annihilation; formerly bustling cities gone empty and silent, bands of survivors moving through scorched barren landscapes towards a perilous future; nature in the absence of man’s relentless industry reclaiming what is hers.
As we witness the downward spiral and visceral gurgling of the greatest country/state the world has yet produced I am reminded that all things must and will end.
While death is sometimes quick and almost painless it is more often slow and agonizingly painful. My fear is the latter for the United States. The rest of the world have in the last few years become increasingly hostile to this country as more and more people have begun to realize that our "American Dream" was only made possible by others "Enduring Nightmare." Other age old factors are the many political ideologies and religious intolerance's of all the world. America is now crippled and weakened and the lions and hyenas are circling and moving in for the kill.
Perhaps now although to late to save our country a sufficient number of enlightened people will be able to unite in a common cause to fight back against the beast that approaches and to begin to roll back the darkness. This is always the prelude to any rebirth. Will noble ideas such as "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" OR "WE ARE ALL ENDOWED BY OUR MAKER WITH CERTAIN INALIENABLE RIGHTS SUCH AS LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" ever be presented on the world stage again? Will these lofty beliefs ever produce a population sufficiently strong, honest, and resolute enough to fight and die for each others rights to these things? If we look to history for that answer it would be not likely if ever.The reason being is that these ideas have been as rare as fine jewels or gold in the lineage of mankind and once pondered or dreamed of they always would meet opposition from the powers that be at that time. So take a moment to reflect or whisper a silent prayer for that band of survivors because they are after all our children and grand children. GLENN NUNLEY. Sept. 20, 2008. Re-posted May 18, 2009.

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