Friday, September 26, 2008


There is no real 'Revolt Over The Bailout Plan' - I think, ultimately, there will be no difference between the Republican and the Democratic leadership. Nancy Pelosi and George Bush are buddies right now, working on the bailout. And I wouldn't be surprised if there [will not be a sharp distinction between McCain and Obama, because they belong to the same special interest groups.]
And that is why you won't get any real debate or change over the Federal Reserve system or the foreign policy or monetary policy. That will all continue. And that is why so many people in this country have come to the conclusion that there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties.
And I think you will see that, once this bill is passed, how the groups got together. 'Until the American people are educated in sufficient numbers as to the insidious,ever present multi-faceted controls, that have been placed on them, like chains, by unknown and unseen international bankers,multinational corporations, and hand picked corrupt politicians, whose authority is centered and carefully directed by the 'FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD---BANK' and 'THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS' we all, will continue to be swept along in a surging stream towards a destination of their choosing to achieve there goals. For anyone of us to believe for one minuet that we have anything, like freedom of choice, or self determination, is only more self delusion. I do not possess a crystal ball, but I do have a brain,
and I do believe that this country now stands at a precipice atop a very high cliff, and millions of people are sensing the edge more and more each day as they struggle for their very survival. GLENN NUNLEY. NORTH FLORIDA.

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