Saturday, September 27, 2008


I write a lot about secession and I am very sincere in my beliefs on the subject. Much of my attitude is tempered by my innate desire to not be controlled by ideologies, religious beliefs, and rules and laws that others believe to be in every ones' best interest. I have discovered that they seldom are. These devices are most often employed to entice, entrap, control, and enslave man and spirit. This is made clear when you take a critical look at our legal system, as it imprisons or executes the poor and illiterate while the wealthy get a free pass. and in our initial constitution with all it's grand words of life,liberty,pursuit of happiness, and all men being created equal while holding some of it's people in a state of servitude. All this while organized religion gives it's blessing. Well not much has changed as we stand helpless and bewildered while the central government systematically perpetrates the largest transfer of wealth and power the world has ever known. Many thousands of Americans have always had to scramble to scratch out a living in this country and now it's many millions, and it will not be to much longer until most of the people will know the gnawing pain of hunger and will feel the sting of the cold dark nights. And many of them will go the way of my friend ,Dude. GLENN NUNLEY.

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